Tuesday, September 8, 2009

End of Summer Sundress

I realized that Naomi did not have as many little sundresses as her sister, Mae, so I made a couple from a pattern, and then realizing that I could just create one using an old sundress of hers, I whipped one out a few afternoons ago. I simply took an a-line type dress she had, laid it on top of a yard of Wiggles 'n Giggles fabric I got on clearance, drew an outline of it with my mark-b-gone marker, added an interfacing up top to secure some ribbon straps and elastic, and then sewed up the sides and hem. It was about a 3 hour project. Maybe it would take you and hour or so if you're not so new at sewing as I am...and didn't have a little baby needing to nurse every few hours. Here's what I came up with.

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