Monday, May 6, 2013

Dreams and Visions

I recently read Dreams and Visions by a pastor named Tom Doyle. I have a heart for the Muslim world, and a huge God-given love for Muslims. Currently, I am a missionary in Romania, but in the year before we left the States, we hosted several Saudi Arabian students in our home for about nine months, and we worked a lot with the International Students from the local universities in Milwaukee. When I heard about this book, I was very excited to read it.

What most impressed me was that there was  not a lot of "fluff," or preachiness to it, but, instead, the author included many stories of God reaching Muslims through dreams and visions throughout the Muslim world, including Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Iran, etc. I was struck by just how much God loves these people that He is willing to break through to them and reveal Jesus to them in their dreams and even in visions they have while awake. The author shares these stories, but then he also shares how those visions did not lead directly to a faith in Jesus, but an awakening in their spirits to seek out the truth of who Jesus is. God still uses people to share the gospel, and we must have that same love that He has for those He is calling to Himself in us.

This book increased my desire to some day travel to the Middle East and it increased my desire to pray for those around me. You never know what God is going to do to reveal Himself to people!

*I received this book free to review through of Thomas Nelson publishing company.