Friday, January 28, 2011

Tithing: A Book Review

It's been a while since I've posted, but I received a book from Booksneeze to review. The book is part of a series called The Ancient Practices, and it is the only one I have read from the series, so I can't speak for the readability of the other books in the series. Tithing:Test me in This is a collection of stories from people who have chosen to live out the spiritual practice taught in the Old Testament of tithing, giving ten percent of one's income to God.

The interviews and stories are interesting in and of themselves, but the book did not totally inspire me to tithe. My husband have been "tithers" for years, often giving more than ten percent because we give to missionaries, people in need, etc. besides just giving a tithe to our church. My big complaint was that those in the book, seemed to really enjoy and believe in the concept of tithing, but I was not fully convinced of the genuineness of their faith. Some seemed to do it as a "good deed" rather than out of sincere obedience to the voice of God. I wanted more Scriptures on giving; I'm a Bible geek, so I like everything backed up by the Word.

If you want a collection of feel good stories, some very inspiring to live a life of sacrificial giving, then you'll enjoy this book and maybe be inspired to start tithing if you don't already. However, it was just lacking something for me, the radical call of the Jesus to the rich young ruler to lay aside everything he has because all of it belongs to God. Some people give out of their surplus, but others are like the old widow who gave what she herself needed to live on. Our devotion to God and our giving reflects our attitudes towards Him and towards the things He has given us.

The book is not bad, just not what I was hoping for.