Thursday, November 19, 2009

American Girl Clothes and Patterns

I heard through the grapevine that Naomi is getting one of the exquisite and fashionable American Girls for Christmas. Not from us, of course. $95 for a doll is highway robbery, but I do think the dolls and their books, especially, are a well-made and even an educational treat for a little girl who will treat them kindly. Naomi is pretty meticulous with her toys, so I think she'll handle the doll fairly well. When I asked her which doll was her favorite, I let her look at all the choices on the website, and she was dead set on Elizabeth, Felicity's blonde friend in an elegant pink dress. I like Felicity's red hair and purple dress better, but I'm not a little girl whose world is seen through Pepto-Bismol pink glasses. (Personally, Josephina is my favorite.) Naomi also really loves Addy, the other little doll in pink, but Elizabeth was her final answer.

Knowing that Naomi loves to dress her dolls up, I decided that I should probably make some doll clothes to fit the 18" inch American Girl doll, so I set out to find some crochet and sewing patterns that would work (ah, if only I could knit). Let me tell you, there are tons out there, but I needed quick and easy since Christmas is only 39 days away, I think, and I don't get much time to sew with three little lovlies running around and needy.

Here are some links to things I found that I'd like to try to make. First and foremost, the tutu. A tutu is an essential for any little girl and her doll (We signed Naomi up for ballet classes starting in January with Parks and Rec...only $35 for 12 weeks!). Next, a crocheted vest that I'm sure could be embellished in any number of ways. There is a link to a little skirt for the doll at the bottom of the page. And this page with tons of crochet patterns, like a jacket, short sleeved shirt, long sleeved shirt, pants, skirt, etc. Not all these will be for Christmas, but birthdays and such. Notice most of the links are for crocheted clothes. It's kind of a pain to get my sewing machine out and then have to clear it off the kitchen table for every meal, so until I get a table and corner of my own, I will crochet more than sew.

Hope you enjoy the links! Feel free to comment with other links you've found!


  1. I didn't check out the links, but I did recently do a craft show with a lady who made and sold AG clothes. I don't know her prices and I know you would like to do this yourself, but if you ever want me to try to get her info I can.
    Also, did you check out my blog today? You're up for an award, girl!
    Kelli @ SustainingCreativity

  2. Hi! Visiting from the SITS Sharefest! Glad you were the blog ahead of me. I have 3 little girls and I'm desperate for craft ideas. And doll clothes will be fantastic!! I love the American Girl dolls because they aren't slutty like so many dolls today, but you're right about the price. It's crazy!
    I see you follow Dana at Made. She married a good friend of mine from college. :)
    Liberating modest dressers from their frumpy wardrobes!

  3. Thank you for the links. We don't have any AG dolls yet...but I have a feeling it won't be long until my daughter falls in love.


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