Saturday, September 19, 2009

Handmade Christmas

I've been reading so many crafty blogs lately with all these ideas of clothes and things to make yourself, that I've gotten pretty inspired to do handmade gifts for my girls for Christmas this year...and for others if there's time. I found some patterns for Barbie type clothes here and here. And I want to make a dress for Naomi using this tutorial, all I need for it is an unwanted button down men's shirt.

Who wouldn't want to make dresses for these little beauties?

Speaking of button down shirts, I've come across many sewing tutorials for repurposing unwanted men's (and women's) button down shirts into more fitted shirts, western style shirts, and dresses for girls. I asked my husband a while back to see if he had any unwanted button down shirts, but he pretty much wears them all (especially when I'm not caught up on ironing, which is basically always). If anyone reads this and wants to donate unwanted men's and women's button down shirts to this cause, feel free to contact me and send them my way!

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