Thursday, September 3, 2009

36 Weeks of 4K

It used to be called Preschool, but nowadays, schools are calling it 4K. The other day one of my next door neighbor's kids told me that I should send Naomi to 4K this year for school, that she'd learn a lot of things to help her grow. This same little girl just finished 4K this spring and is now in just K.

I wonder how Naomi will feel when she realizes that she is not doing school like most kids do school, since she will be homeschooled by me and Jake. Most of the kids around here started back to school on Tuesday this week, and I can't imagine Naomi getting on the bus every morning and being gone half the day. It would be so weird, and I don't think she would have liked it at first. Besides the fact that we're rarely dressed as a family by the time the buses get here. I know I'm not even out of bed when the bus for the high school kids comes driving through at 6:30 in the morning!

Anyway, today, Jake took the two oldest girls to work with him today so I could plan out Naomi's 4K year, homeschool style. We're starting a week later than most around these parts, but does it really matter? She's four! I am mostly focusing on teaching her how to read, how to write her letters better, and then reading good books to her myself. We'll throw in a few fun things that help get her ready for math, drawing, science, art, music, Bible, etc. But she loves books and drawing, so I want to get her reading on her own and have a lot of time to just create.

Having the whole day with just Illiana (who's either sick or having some major teeth cutting going on), I was able to plan 36 weeks worth of stuff for Naomi, so all I'll need to do each week is write out a daily plan and reserves some books from the library. I'm excited to go through all the Beatrix Potter and Winnie the Pooh stories with her! We bought the complete sets of both earlier this year, and I think the girls will really like listening to them.

Once Naomi's six, we're going to start with Ambleside Online, a Charlotte Mason type curriculum found online, using mostly books we can get online or from the library!

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