Sunday, August 30, 2009

Paper Doll Chains

My oldest daughter Naomi is in love with this project. And it’s so easy for me to set it up for her. I found the idea in some toddler activity book someone gave us a while back, and my little artist is hooked. All I do is take a long sheet of paper, or several pieces of paper taped together, fold accordian style to however wide I want my “dolls” to be, draw an image of a boy or girl, and then cut it out. Now, I’m no talented artist, so the drawing part is hardest for me, but Naomi doesn’t need an extravagant figure. She just likes to color their hair, clothes, and shoes in hundreds of different ways. She totally reminds me of myself when I was younger. I used to draw clothes all the time. Anyway, here are some shots of her creations. My header also features her artwork.
The top row is all her girls and the bottom her boys

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  1. oh my gosh. this is SUCH a great idea. I'm totally doing this. awesome.


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