Wednesday, November 11, 2009

DIY Rainbow Crayons

Today the girls and I finally got around to a fun kid craft that I've been wanting to do with them for a long time. With a love of coloring, the girls go through crayons pretty quickly, with many of them breaking or getting worn down after much use, so we end up with lots of little broken pieces. A week or so ago, I went through their crayon boxes and separated out the little pieces into a bowl for us to make rainbow crayons with.

The girls have been pretty excited to do this project, so today I told them if they would help me peel the crayons that still had paper on them, then we could make them. Since the sun was shining and there was, miraculously, no cold wind blowing, we sat outside on a picnic blanket peeling the crayons and eating cinnamon swirl bread. Afterwards, I let the girls put the crayon pieces into the muffin cups to make their own color combinations. I had to help Mae a little, because she wanted to put giant handfuls in each cup. Although they each got to make 12 crayons (a muffin tray full), I think they could have made better crayons if I'd only let them make six each. The results were a little thinner than I was hoping for, but usable nonetheless.

I think I may have let the crayons "cook" a little too long. My whole kitchen smelled like candles when you blow them out after I took these out.


  1. Welcome to SITS! This is a wonderful project! My girlfriend through my daughter's preschool makes them in heart shapes and puts a hole through the top, where she threads some yarn and makes the most adorable crayon necklaces. These repurposed crayons are the perfect craft for chronic crayon breakers like myself and my oldest daughter! Thanks for the excellent tutorial! Warmest wishes, Jenn

  2. I so need to do this. We have way too many crayons laying around our house that are broken and just getting everywhere. Happy Saturday Sharefest @ SITS! Hope your weekend is great.

  3. Cool idea! Have to try this with leftover crayons.... Just visiting over from SITS! Have a great one!

  4. great idea with the cup cake wrappers. Very clever!

  5. love this project! Totally a cool way to use up all those old crayon pieces


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