Monday, September 28, 2009

Newest Project: Empire Waist Sweater Vest

Well, since I finished those last two projects for my girls, I wanted to make something for myself, and since fall is upon us in full here in Wisconsin with changing colors and fields of brown and amber, I figured I go for something warm. I found this pretty simple pattern from Lion Brand Yarn for an empire waist tank top, but I think it's going to end up being a sweater vest for me, since I didn't have cotton yarn on hand as the pattern suggested, but I did have some Lion Brand Wool-Ease yarn in a couple of different heathered tones. Here's a picture of what they say it should look like.

My version is in Mushroom and Rose Heather (I didn't have enough of either one to be a solid color.), and I didn't not have the size F crochet hook, so I'm using the G hook for the smaller one and I hook for the larger. I think I will add some cool looking trim around the top and bottom for a creative effect. We'll see. But I will post photos when I'm done.

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