Sunday, August 30, 2009

Breastfeeding Nausea

Man, the past week or so has been a reminder about how I felt during the first trimester while pregnant with my three girls. It’s the strangest thing; whenever I nurse Illiana, I get all queasy and feel like barfing. I looked it up and it appears that it is not such a strange thing after all, as I read about many moms experiencing this b/f nausea. I’ve noticed it more lately since it’s been hotter out and my body’s been feeling a little more dehydrated, so I’ve started chugging water constantly. Apparently, when you nurse, your body gets flooded with hormones, and if your blood sugar gets low (which mine is known to do) or you are dehydrated a little, then the effects can amplify. So, I get to drink more agua and eat more food. Unfortunately, that does not necessarily help my efforts of trying to lose the remaining 7 or 8 pounds of pregnancy weight I’ve got left on me…mainly hanging out there in my belly and legs.
Mmm...spirulinaI think all this nursing and queasiness has been tiring me out lately, so I finally decided to order these vitamins I’ve been eyeing for a long time, called Supermom vitamins. They are chocked full of all those great vitamins that give you energy, like B complex vitamins, and they’ve got some spirulina and other yummy algea
creatures packed in there. Mmm (see image to the right). Supposedly spirulina is loaded with antioxidants and B vitamins and other great things that help your body get more energy from the food you eat. A three month supply was only $43 with shipping, so I went for it. I’ll update you on how they work out.
Meanwhile, this little, tired mama needs her sleep.

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